New Shopify Update for Theme developers CLI process is little bit confusing

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Greetings all, I hope you guys are doing Good!!

I would like to know about Shopify CLI Process...

when we install Shopify CLI and follow the doc process, I got the Dawn theme after the download

the questions are very simple

After complete installation Of CLI with Github and Shopify, the final package is dawn in our development environment and Shopify is not supporting Theme kit anymore so if I want to develop a new theme for the Shopify theme store then where I can start from are we going to use the Dawn theme from now on or we still need to build a Shopify theme from scratch?

Or we can use the Dawn theme for the starting point and start building the dawn theme re modify it according to our needs and publish it on the theme store OR DAWN is just for example and WE still need to build our structure from the scratch for the theme.


It's really confusing I just don't want to violate any policy or anything like that looking forward to getting the right answer from you guys soon I will be very happy if I get all of my above mention issues resolved by the community


Hope to hear from you guys soon

Hamza Aamir


please help me to understand this process so I can start building some theme for the Shopify store

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