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I’m setting up a store for a client for which I have most, not all, permissions. I was given a large CSV file with over 12k products. I updated the file so that it uploads but only 19 products were successfully uploaded however the rest received error messages. I have attached a screenshot that shows the Product Import Summary. Most errors are “Exceeded maximum number of variants allowed”. I tried downloading an app for the online store that would help sort and manage the variant issue however my admin permissions do not allow it. Any suggestions? I meet with my client tomorrow and this week. 

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One option is to split the products with too many variants into multiple products, each with fewer variants. This way, you can ensure that each product meets the maximum variant limit.


Another option is to contact your client and request that they grant you the necessary permissions to download and use the app to manage variants. This app may help you sort and manage the variants for the products in your CSV file, making it easier to import them into the store.


Alternatively, you could also consider breaking the CSV file down into smaller batches and uploading them separately.