Prestige Theme: Reduce Website Width on Desktop Version

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Hi there,


certain sections in my Prestige Theme appear gigantically on the desktop version (mobile version is completely fine). I want to reduce the overall width of my website for the desktop version only. Currently on large screens, the website is too much stretched and images then look gigantic.


For Website + PW access, please DM me.


You will quickly see which sections lead to problems:
Problem area sections (width too gigantic on large desktop screens):
- Video
- Image with text overlay
- App -> Instafeed App


The above mentioned problems occur on the homepages (men + women). 
On the product pages, only the video section is a troublemaker, identical to on the homepage. The rest of the product page sections are fine on desktop.
Mobile versions look fine and need no improvement


Positive examples, that also look good on desktop, include the following sections:
- Slideshow
- Multiple Media with Text
- Testimonials

because there the content is already kind of centered and not too much stretched.

The goal would be to harmonize the negative examples according to the positive examples, so the general look of the desktop version is not so gigantic in images etc., but rather neat and well organized, with margins at the sides for example, or any other suggestion you may have.


Thank you so much for any assistance approaches.


Best regards

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