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I'm looking to lock 1 collection to customers with "VIP" tag, tried a few solutions but they don't work on Shopify 2.0.


I created new collection template (collection.private-come-together.json) and also new Section (private-collection-template.liquid) to replace this part in Template json:

"sections": {
"main-1": {
"type": "private-collection-template",
"blocks": {
"9e0d0566-5da8-4ced-bef0-bda787d72437": {
"type": "Filter",
"settings": {


Then I tried to add the following to Section (private-collection-template.liquid)


{%if customer.tags contains 'vip'%}
{% section 'collection-template' %}
{{ }}



But I'm stuck to actually make this template to be tag locked. 


Could anyone please help me to make it work? 


Shopify 2.0

Prestige Theme

- Dmitry
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