Product Recommendations/Related Products based on parent tag (Mens, Womens, Kids, etc.)

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Hi All, 


I am currently using the default Product Related Recommendations in my theme which is based off of Dawn. 


The site is made up mainly of two sections 'Mens' / 'Womens'. We have multiple collections all products have been tagged with either 'Mens' or 'Womens'. The current issue is that when you look at t single product the default recommendation shows 'Mens' products in 'Womens' and vice-versa. 


I am able to hide a product recommendation based on the parent tag, however, if I have 4 products and 1 is 'Womens' it will only show 3. I want to retrieve another recommendation to fill the spot. 


Is there away to change the default behaviour to only retrieve related products if it matches a product tag?


Many thanks. 


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