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I'm trying to add structured data to my product pages.

However I'm missing the review fields.


I'm using this APP for the reviews and I need to extract the information about the Author
I know some data from the APP is stored in: 




{{ }}
{{ }}
{{ }}




Therefore and I'm extracting the rating value data like this:




{%- assign rating_value = | split: '"ratingValue": "' | last | split: '"' | first | plus: 0 -%}​




and rating count like this:




{%- assign reviews_count = -%}




But I'm missing the information for Reviews Author.
I can see in the settings there is 




{{ }}​





image (1).png

But I can't access this variable in the templates.
Do you know how can resolve this issue and access the Author?
Kind Regards,
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Did you resolve this?