Pushing product from Spocket to my website?

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Please help. I have selected product that I have set prices and S&H. Now I want to push product to my website and to go to pages that I have made up for different product types, but i only see them in my "Catalog" and not on the pages that I have made the product to go to.  

Can anyone please help me out by telling me what I'm doing wrong.




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Hey there, Bob!


Vash from the Spocket Support team.

At the moment, Shopify does not have a way to distinguish between categories and subcategories, but you can create all the collections (or categories) you want so you would be able organize the items in your online store through Spocket. You only need to create these manual collections under Products > Collections. 

Once you have successfully created one, you should be able to see it in Spocket's imports page, specifically under Product: https://app.spocket.co/import


If this is not what you're referring to and need further assistance on this matter, please contact our support team at support@spocket.co and we will rush in to help.