QR code doesn't work on issued giftcard

QR code doesn't work on issued giftcard

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Hello - I issued a giftcard on Shopify and the user says the QR Code does not work.  I issued myself a giftcard and am noting the same.   Here is the link on the QR code: shopify-giftcard-v1-YRVHKMRW8MDFG9VJ--

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Did you find a solution for this?

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We had the same problem and fixed it by this:


<div class="gift-card__qr-code" data-identifier="{{ gift_card.qr_identifier }}"></div>
<div class="gift-card__qr-code" data-identifier="{{ canonical_url }}"></div>
in the templates/gift_card.liquid file
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@Shopify  Same issue. it should be same as it is with discount codes: 

when client visit link shop pop-up and automaticly discount code/gift card added to checkout. Make it happen. Thank you in advance.