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Running into an issue with the variant and how it appears when sharing a link

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Hi All,


Currently on Pixel union atlantic theme. Im at a road block on trying to figure out how to edit the preview link. You can see in the screenshot below that the variant needs a space in the title.  Does anyone know how to adjust this? I've tried editing the theme code in certain areas, adding spaces in the shopify backend and more. 


Your help is greatly appreciatedScreen Shot 2023-01-18 at 7.54.37 AM.png

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A link to the product would be most helpful.


Where are you seeing the issue? Looking at the screenshot that kind of feels like a Slack preview?


When you look at the page source, what is the title you're seeing in the various schema/meta tags? I'd expect that you'll spot the issue but seeing the lacking space there. Do not that some platforms do cache the preview so if you have fixed the prob it could require a purge on their end to show the updated version. Facebook is a good example of a platform that does that.

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Hey Jason,


Thank you for replying.


This is the link here:


I have shared the screenshot above of it in slack but this has been showing on ios devices as well.