Scripts at checkout causes customer to be redirected to "authenticate" endpoint

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Hi, my app is experiencing a strange behavior at checkout.


Normally when customers complete their order at the checkout, they get redirected to the checkout's "thank_you" page.


thank_you - normal (1) (1).png


We have a particular script that runs inside the checkout.liquid. When this script is present in a particular store, when customers complete their order, they are redirected to an "authenticate" page that then redirects them to the order summary page.


thank_you - redirect to authenticate (1).png

authenticate - redirect to order summary (1).png

What can cause this unexpected redirect to the "authenticate" page?


A bit more about our script: Our app is a Loyalty app. One of its main flows is to allow customers to redeem their loyalty points to a discount during checkout. For that, our script runs inside checkout.liquid and shows a user interface that shows to the customer the point balance, and allows a button click that inserts a discount code to the discounts input and clicks on the "Apply" button.




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