Search bar border is can't be hidden, and suggestions are not showing

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Hi there,

The problem i have is that after i changed the placement of the Search bar icon in Mobile from appearing in the header to start appearing inside the burger menu, i found a border that just dont disappear when i click on something else, the search "label" disappear but the bar border remains... plus search suggestions don't appear

This problem is only in Mobile version unlike desktop which is working normal and smooth




 please let me know about any solution, for what theme i'm using, its craft v12.0.0

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I am unable to even test on your store, the button is not clicking on mobile in dev mode to open the nav.

Bailey Paserk
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Yes i agree, when you try to see mobile version of the website from desktop, the bar doesn't appear... i don't know how to fix this exactly, what i did to make it appear there is to follow instructions from another shopify community solved problem page