Search button is not responding

Search button is not responding

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Hello experts! 


For first, i'm a brazilian 22yo boy who doesn't speak english very well, so I am sorry for my bad english. 


When I was changing somethings in the code of my store, something went wrong and the search button on the header now isn't responding anymore. When I click it, nothing happens. If someone can tell me how to fix it, i will be very appreciated. 


If you need it, I can send the link to the store, just ask me for it. 


Thank you everyone, hope you all understood my problem.



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Hello there  


If the search button on your store's header isn't responding when clicked, it could be due to a few different issues. Here are a few things you can check to help diagnose the problem:

  1. Check the HTML/CSS: Make sure that the search button is coded properly in the HTML and styled correctly in the CSS. You can use the browser developer tools to inspect the HTML/CSS and see if there are any issues or errors.

  2. Check the Javascript: The search button may rely on JavaScript to function properly. Check the JavaScript code that controls the search button to see if there are any errors or issues that could be causing the problem.

  3. Check for conflicting code: If you made recent changes to your store's code, it's possible that there's conflicting code that's interfering with the search button's functionality. Review any recent changes you made to see if there's anything that could be causing the problem.

  4. Check for app conflicts: If you recently installed or updated an app on your store, it's possible that there's a conflict with the search button. Try disabling the app temporarily to see if that resolves the issue.


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