settings_data.json file not being updated with theme 2.0 version

settings_data.json file not being updated with theme 2.0 version

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I am working on updating the warehouse theme to 2.8.2 version. The product page's customizer's settings data is not being auto updated in settings_data.json file and later on realized that the product.json template stores the settings data in it. My question is how to sync that individual json template's settings data into settings_data.json file. Earlier we always manage the settings_data.json file for syncing the stores data, but now It will difficult to sync the updated the content specially when working with many json templates. I don't see how to sync the data into settings_data.json file. Definitely not by doing manual changes everytime.


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Hi @DeepPatel , that was actually one of the best improvements Shopify made with the update. 

 Each page type can now be rendered using a JSON template file, which lists the sections of that page, and stores settings data related to any additional section that is added or edited by a merchant. Stores can have multiple template files that map to different products, collection pages, custom pages, blog posts, and more, allowing merchants to easily have different product, collection, and other pages in the same store.

Within the new JSON template files, you can define which sections should appear by default when your theme is first installed, and which order they should appear in. Once the JSON template is added, a merchant can navigate to the theme editor, and add any section that contains presets—exactly how you would add dynamic sections to the home page previously. 
So every change that you make through customizer, on product page (for example) could be found in product.json file. Same goes for every page. You cannot sync everything in settings_data.json - in order to do that you should stay on Shopify 1.0.

Hope this helps! 

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