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i am wondering if it would be possible either through API or app to get a report of shipping volume over time. maybe with order status information, if order status would actually show whether or not an order has been shipped? trying to understand for finance reasons the specific volume of orders shipped over periods of time (specific to the day)

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Using the REST API you could make two separate requests (since you apparently can't have multiple statuses in a single query). This would give you count of any shipped orders as well as the count of any partially-shipped orders. Combine those together and that would indicate the volume over the time period. Here's an example below, looking at a shop's orders for the current month.


Or if you are directly in the Shopify web admin you can filter orders against a date range and fulfillment statuses to get a listing count. Like this for all partially or total shipped orders over the past week --> https://{my_shop} 

Hope this helps!