Shopify 2.0 plugin - scope of upgrade and requirements

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We're developers of ConveyThis app - which is an automatic website translation tool. We also have a JavaScript plugin for Shopify. Recently we've received an email from you where you ask to update our plugin to meet the requirements of Shopify 2.0. At a glance we could see that Shopify 2.0 introduce JSON and Liquid data formats. Our plugin is intended to translate text strings from language A to language B. So, at very basic level we must update our plugin to be able to parse JSON and Liquid data format, pull text strings from there, translate them and return back, translated to the target language. Can you confirm that? Are there any other requirements or scope of work for a plugin update? We want to understand what is your criteria of a plugin update for Shopify 2.0. Namely, can you tell us what exactly is not supported in current plugin version and what needs to be supported for Shopify 2.0?


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