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Shopify and WordPress

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Hi to all. I have this website made in wordpress. I want to make an store but i dont know how to develop, so im thinking create this using Shopify. Do u know if i can assign a subdomain to my shopify store? How i can do it? Please help!

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Hi @spblackboard,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Just to confirm, are you looking to migrate your website to Shopify or would you more be looking to add a Shopify store aspect to what you already have? 


There are a couple of ways you could look into this depending on which way you want to go. You could, for example, keep the website as it is then when someone clicks the Book Online tab seen below it would take them to a Shopify created a



store for the monetary feature of your business. 



You can assign a Subdomain to your Shopify store. To connect a subdomain, click Online Store > Domains > Connect existing domain and then follow the steps.  If you're using a third-party domain, then you need your CNAME records to point to The name of the CNAME record should match the subdomain that you're adding. Shopify has a guide about subdomains which you can see here as well as how to add a third party domain to a store here


All the best, Nick

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