Shopify App with JS and proxy - performance

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Hi everone,

We have created an Shopify App and are going public anytime soon.
Our app is creating a script on the customer Shopify Store using the ScriptTag API (admin/api/2021-01/script_tags).
We are caching this by settings the cache flag to "true".

That script is the same for all shops.
The script does an AJAX request via Shopify App Proxy, and we can then verify which shop it is, before returing HTML/CSS which is our service.

However, this takes little more than 1 second, see videon on example.
Some customer that goes directly via our API get the response in around 30 ms.

I'm wondering if there is a better way for us to implement this?
Best practice?


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I have verifed that it's the proxy that takes around 1.4s which isnt acceptable...
Is there another way around this to do this a secure way?

If we just give our customers a JS without auth, anyone can use our service without paying for it...