Shopify asset api PUT/DELETE operation restriction for public apps

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We have product subscription app in shopify app store. We have a theme app extension to render subscription ui in the product page by which merchant can add and position the theme app extension from theme customization page. Alternatively to automate that process we use the asset api to update the product.json file in merchant's store and add our theme app extension block snippet code and then update the product.json file. This way the theme app extension gets automatically added in merchant store's product page without any effort from merchant.
But after the new api version release of april-2023 we can no longer run update operation in merchant theme's product.json file as the operation is now restricted for public apps. We also noticed a list of exempted app categories that will be able to run update operation in theme files.
So we are seeking guidance or instruction to how can we support our merchants by automated theme app extension enable feature. Or it will be best if you can let us know if our app category[product subscription] will be eligible to fill out the exemption form and get the access of asset update operation.


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