Shopify Bug. In case of currency switching, currency should not change for previously made orders.

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Hello. I would like to get an answer for this directly from the Shopify.

As we all know, when we're switching the currencies in the site, all prices change in terms of value and currency. For example, 20 EUR becomes 23 USD. But when a customer makes an order, let's say, for 20 EUR and then switches the currency to USD, in Account Area, price of the order is shown as 20 USD. In other words, the value of the price stays the same, while it's currency changes. This needs to be fixed. Thanks!


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Bumping this. 


Order K1013 was made in JPY ¥54,800.

Order K1010 and 1009 were in CAD for $1,309 and $266 respectively.

When switching currency the denomination changes for all orders and the value does not (except decimals disappear).








Ideally, I would like to see the actual currency the order was placed in regardless of the currency I have selected for shopping. The order detail page show this correctly.