Shopify CLI App is broken

Shopify CLI App is broken

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To work Apps into Online Store 2.0 we are forced to use Shopify CLI App to initiate these Apps and connect them among other actions.

Thing is, this App at version 2.6.6 appears to be broken. Using two different computers, with two different operating systems, the command shopify login fails. It brings up the browser window, where we successfully log in to our Partner account. However, the CLI session in the terminal blows chunks with errors and does not log us in.

So that is kinda useless and is completely stopping us from making progress with OS2.0 projects.

I think the details you need to know are that this partner account is not only very old but has 8 or so other partner account connections assigned to it. So maybe your tool is currently too dumb to work with more than one account? Can you please confirm this?


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