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We've developed the store using Headless Store architecture, leveraging Next.js for the entire platform. Initially, we hosted our application through external hosting and domain providers, separate from Shopify. However, we encountered an issue where the checkout screen and the default store theme pointed to the default domain.

Additionally, when attempting to integrate an external domain, Shopify requires us to configure it to point to the IP address and the CNAME of This presents a dilemma as implementing this setup would disrupt the existing redirection from our domain to the hosting provider.

As a resolution, we've decided to transition from Next.js to Remix Run. However, we're open to exploring alternative solutions. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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 I am facing similar struggles, but  have not switch to remix. I am using next.js, and have noticed issues regarding the inability of notifications to be triggered when sending customer emails and the inability to switch from   {storename} to my domain {storename}.com/checkout.  We have a next.js app hosted in vercel, with DNS records in aws Route53 domain registrar. We also have our business emails provider Zoho Email connected aws Route53 with DNS records.  I have managed to connect and authenticate our shopify store  to Zoho Email, ( which means, I have authenticated the email  '', so now when I do a test of a notification, I can correctly see that the email is coming from sender ( ''), but when I click the link it wants to send the user {{token} for activation.  While I have been able to create a new customer through our next.js app, I am unable to get shopify notification to actual trigger/dispatch and activate email to the new customer.

Like UlyssesCK, I feel there is a lack of explanation in the Documentation around connecting a 3rd party domain registrar with DNS records when the shopify store is a Headless app. 

Shopify Documentation seems to suggest that I change DNS CNAME and A record  to point  shopify. However, these records ( specifically  the 
A record that list my host address ''  and the CNAME record that points to my host address '') can not be associated to the shopify,  A record  ip address for shopify, and the CNAME record  domain address "', without disconnecting the association with my next.js app running in Vercel.