Shortcomings of the New Shopify Markets features

Shortcomings of the New Shopify Markets features

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Just saw the new Markets section in my settings.  It looks really promising except for one glaring mistake.  Why are you limiting the duty and import tax features only to the Advanced and Plus plans???

I'm a small business of 1, started at the start of the pandemic and right now cant justify spending $299 a month for Shopify Advanced, BUT I do on occasion get international sales or at least inquiries, so why are you leaving out the smallest of businesses from the ability to streamline the duty and import tax collection?  If you want businesses to succeed and grow, you should foster proper reporting and collection of these things so this is a feature that should be available to all businesses not just the ones that can afford to pay Shopify the highest fees!

I mean why would be even use the Markets if we cant, this is the most important part of selling to different "markets"!

If ETSY can manage to take care of all the import tax collection for ALL of its users, I'd like to think Shopify can as well!  Quite honestly I'm just getting tired of having to continue to pay more, and add add-on plugins with monthly fees for features that should be core components of a software/sales platform.


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