Show Dynamic Product Images or Product Descriptions Based on Customer Account

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I am looking to set up a private B2B store where the products would show a dynamic product image with a watermark based on the customer account that is logged in and viewing the product. So for example, Company ABC is logged in and viewing a product, so all of the product images would show a custom "Company ABC" watermark. Ideally, this watermarked image would be generated server-side instead of just an overlay so that they can't right-click and save the raw product image without the watermark.

Is there any app that can make custom watermarked product images based on a customer account?

If not, an alternative, though not ideal, would be to have a dynamic image gallery or just a link that can be injected onto the page based on the customer account ID and product ID, which in turn could be used to show a watermarked image gallery or an off-site link to a place with watermarked images.

Has anyone tried customizing the product image or descriptions with dynamic data based on the customer account?

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