Simplest way to fetch a list of products from a given category on a store?

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Hey 👋


I have a website which displays a list of products being sold on 4 different Shopify stores.

To display these products, the webpage loads an atom feed from a Product Category on each of those stores, caches it, parses the content and displays the results as a simple list with title, image, description and url link to the product page.

It's super simple and works great! All apart from the fact that I recently discovered Shopify's built-in atom feeds only return 25 items, that start with the oldest first. Atom feeds also don't appear to support pagination and there seems to be very little documentation available to confirm this.


Assuming that the atom feeds are a dead end, what would be the API-driven approach to displaying these product lists?

Any help appreciated, I am starting with no knowledge of Shopify development. 🙏

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