Tag-Based Product Recommendation

Tag-Based Product Recommendation

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Good day,


I'm creating a tag-based recommendations section on a client's website. The section is suppose to display products that have the same tag as the current product on the product page.


My logic is: 
1. Iterate through the current products tags.

2. Iterate through each product in the store (calling this rec_product).

3. Iterate through the rec_products tags.

4. Check if the rec_product's tag is equal to the current product's tags.

5. If equal, check if the product hasn't already been rendered.

6. If not rendered, display it.


This is my code:

{%- assign products_rendered = '' | split: '|' -%}
            {%- for _tag in product.tags -%}
              {%- for rec_product in collections.all.products -%}
                {%- for tag in rec_product.tags -%}
                  {%- if _tag == tag -%}
                    {%- unless products_rendered contains rec_product.id -%}
                      {%- render 'product-card',
                        product: rec_product,
                        stacked: section.settings.stack_products,
                        background: section.settings.product_card_background,
                        text_color: section.settings.product_card_text_color,
                        show_badges: true
                    {%- endunless -%}
                    {%- assign products_rendered = products_rendered | append: rec_product.id | append: '|' -%}
                  {%- endif -%}
                {%- endfor -%}
              {%- endfor -%}
            {%- endfor -%}


My code is only working for some products and I'm not receiving any error. I feel like there maybe an error in my logic instead.




Product Pasabahce Hiball Glass Tumbler 230ml Clear 40074 (bubblesplastics.co.za) doesn't show any recommeded products even though it's tagged: 



And there are products with at least one of the tags:



Theme: Impact 4.7.1 (Impact Theme - Home - Ecommerce Website Template (shopify.com))

Preview Link: https://gj6j1wb7oqwnne1e-52573339831.shopifypreview.com (not on the published theme because the section is not working).


Any assistance or advise will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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