The filters by variant don't work if I don't have stock

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Good afternoon everyone 😊 . I have a filter by sizes which are as variants and when filtering it brings me the products that I do not have in stock. I would be very grateful if someone could give me a recommendation to be able to use the filters correctly. Thank you very much to all! 

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Can you share your website URL

3 0 0 is my Shopify site.
Damon Walls
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Hi! I solved this problem. Thanks!

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Hey Keyla22 how did you solve this?


I think I am experiencing the same issue , I am using the the shopify filters to filter by shoe size however if when I filter to say "size 8" if shows me items that have zero stock in size 8, but also the items that have size 8 available.


I want it to only populate results if that specific variant is available.