Theme app extension: Development best practices?

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Hey everyone,


I'm new to shopify app development and I'm trying to migrate a prototype of a three.js-app into a theme app extension.

Are there any best practices on developing a theme app extension?
I'd like to use javascript modules and thought about using vite for bundling. But since vite brings its own server and the shopify CLI already does reloading and HMR perfectly fine, this might be overkill.

Is there a way to make javascript modules work in a dev environment of a theme app extension out of the box?
And most importantly: What are best practices for bundling the client side js in a theme app extension? I'd like to make use of the framework shopify gives us with the CLI and am trying to not completely deviate from the path developers are advised to take.
The shopify dev documentation is great for app development but I didn't find any suggestions on theme app extension development.


Thank you for your time to read this 🙂
Any suggestion helps.

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Hi Vicento, I'm also new to Shopify but got over 5 years of experience building website with modern tech-stack focus on vue, nuxt & node. Currently looking some best practices aswell for theme app extension. I'll be available here,