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Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a theme app extension which is a checkbox that saves product data and sends it to an external API. I have created a new node shopify app and created the extension. However, after creating the extension, I am not able to run the app.I tried npm run dev and it just throws me 422 error. Not sure what is causing it.


PS: I tried doing this few days ago and everything worked properly. Due to messing up another extension, I decided to create a new app and redo it again but now it throws me this error. The app runs properly before creating the extension.

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Hey @saravananj - this is definitely strange. In this case, my recommendation would be to reach out to our developers directly in the Github repo for the Node library by opening an issue there. We can't say for sure if the issue is related to the CLI directly without more info, so I'd recommend  including any code snippets for any changes you may have made to the library's initial code (specifically related to node). The developers are fairly active in replying to issue requests in Github.

Hope this helps!


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