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We have an issue with our theme app extension. I am able to deploy the extension successfully using the Shopify CLI. However, on the extension's config page in the Partner dashboard, the "Last push" date is not changing after the deploy (it's showing a date from 2022). Now, none of the new blocks I've made are appearing in the theme editor (the app is installed on a development store and extension preview is enabled). 


For reference, this is the output of shopify app deploy:

│  Deployed to Shopify!                                                                                │
│                                                                                                      │
│  Summary                                                                                             │
│    • my-theme-app-extension is deployed to Shopify but not yet live                            
│                                                                                                      │
│  Next steps                                                                                          │
│    • Publish my-theme-app-extension


I have published the extension multiple times, but still the same issue. If it was possible to delete the extension and start again, I would, but Shopify doesn't have the option of deleting a theme app extension, so I'm currently stuck trying to get my existing extension working.


If it helps, I have migrated the extension to the Shopify CLI 3.0. The extension's shopify.theme.extension.toml file is as follows:

name = "my-theme-app-extension"
type = "theme"

The extension's partner dashboard page looks is shown below:

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 21.35.55.png

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Hello Olio-Dev, please check the SHOPIFY_API_KEY and SHOPIFY_THEME_APP_EXTENSION_ID in the .env file in the root directory for any errors. If the push is successful, the extension address will be displayed



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Having a similar issue here...

Where do I search for the value I have to write in SHOPIFY_THEME_APP_EXTENSION_ID ?

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Similarly, the extensions of my app are not displayed in the theme blocks when in developer mode. Have you found a solution?