Theme editor - Is is possible to avoid scrolling to the object in focus?

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If a section is added to theme.liquid and you click on it on the left in the Theme Editor, the screen scrolls to where it would render.


If that section is added down next to {% section 'footer' %} because it's being used for some kind of site-wide data but doesn't render any content, every time the user goes to edit it, the screen scrolls all the way down.


Not the end of the world, but is it possible to prevent that scroll from happening?



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Hey Fallen,
you could avoid the scroll if you just click on the eye button in front of your section name,
it will hide the section but also will not scroll to the section on the page
and as in your case you don't have UI for section so this trick could work for you while you are in design mode

Make sure to show it before you save the finalized design other wise your code in that section would not run in preview mode 🙂



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Thanks @SabirHussain , very good to know and I'll play around with this soon.  Cheers