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List of features that would improve the theme editor experience:
- Hide fields conditionally based on values of other fields
- Metaobject reference field to other metaobjects regardless of type

Has anybody heard of any plans for these types of features? Can anybody think of anything else they would love to be able to do within the Theme Editor?

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Hello there


The Shopify Theme Editor is continually evolving to provide better experiences and flexibility to theme developers.

  1. Advanced Code Editor: An advanced code editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and linting could help developers write and manage their code more efficiently.

  2. Component Library: A component library with pre-built UI elements and templates could save developers time and help ensure consistency across their themes.

  3. Color Picker: A built-in color picker with a color palette and the ability to save custom colors could help developers quickly apply color styles to their themes.

  4. Responsive Design Tools: Built-in tools to help developers test and optimize their themes for different screen sizes and devices.

  5. Improved Accessibility Features: Tools and resources to help developers ensure that their themes are accessible to users with disabilities.

  6. Revision History: A revision history feature that allows developers to track and revert changes made to their themes could help improve collaboration and streamline workflow.