Tiktok pixel not recording "Add to Cart" with Dawn theme..

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Howdy all,

     I am about 3 months in on a new store and I have noticed the "official" tiktok pixel (made by the official TikTok app/channel) isn't picking up "Add to Cart" events.

Now I have some unique offerings so my Add To Cart is non traditional (you can see by checking out one of my products at https://shinymathrocks.shop),  But it looks like I don't "own" the pixel created by the official TikTok channel because when I go to TikTok to investigate it says the pixel was "shared with me".  As such I can't update the Add to Cart event to work with my theme.

I also can't figure out what TikTok is looking for event wise in my code so I can't figure out a way to trigger an Add to Cart event for Tiktok.

Has anyone else run into issues using the official TikTok pixel?  Shopify is injecting it on its own as the code is not part of my theme in any way.. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how I can get this event routing to TikTok

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hello I am having the same problem, in my website it doesn't also show that I have a TikTok pixel installed, the TikTok helper shows I don't have a pixel installed, and when I test event I don't get any of the data showed like add to card or purchases 

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I have the exact same problem where the pixel helper is recording page views but not add to carts or checkout events eventhough i have set them up. These events are also not showing when I try to test for them in the tik tok testing page. Only page views is being registered. 


Has this got something to do with the theme being used? If not can someone help with the solution. Thank you.