Translate section object

Translate section object

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Hey there,

I'm trying to develop a new section object for my store.

I don't know how to make translatable the fields defined in the settings part of the json schema.


I added a new liquid file in the section theme folder, this is my code (not the final one):

<p>{{ section.settings.title | t }}</p>

{% schema %}
  "name": "Password",
  "tag": "section",
  "settings": [
      "type": "text",
      "id": "title",
      "label": "Titolo"
  "locales": {
    "en": {
      "title": "Slideshow"
  "presets": [
      "category": "Advanced",
      "name": "Password",
      "settings": {}
{% endschema %}

And this is my back-office:


This is what I see on the shop in both languages:


I'd like to translate the title filed based on locales, but I cannot understand how.

Thank you so much.

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