Unable to Login through Shopify CLI

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Hi there! 


I am getting the following error when trying to login to my Shopify store, one that I have successfully logged into at least 10 times in the past as I work on building my store. I updated Shopify CLI two days ago, and have had no problem logging into my store until today. Could you please let me know how I may resolve this error? 


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If I try logging into another store that I made through my partner account, then I am unable to serve my theme because I am not an owner of the store. 


Thank you!

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Shopify Partner
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Same problem here and it is pretty anoying, I am not seeing any reply 3 months since the question was asked.

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Hi! So I was actually able to figure this out. I created a development
store through my partner's account, and under "Users and Permissions," I
made sure the store's admin was set to "[Store Name] Admin," which is what
Shopify defaults to.

I then added my regular Shopify account as a staff member of that
development store. Now when I connect to the store via Shopify CLI, I am
able to login and edit through my regular Shopify account. I set this up
months ago, and my development store is still active.

Let me know if this works for you.
Shopify Partner
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Hi Mgarikipati,

I have tried changing that admin details also. but still I couldn't login to my shopify partner cli with cli version 3.45.1


Please find below the detailed description of the issue I face.

I am in the terminal connected to my web server where my shopify app is hosted .I have installed shopicy CLI 3.45.1 version.
I execute this command
shopify theme list --store=modappsteststore.myshopify.com
and I get to see this

To run this command, log in to Shopify Partners.
👉 Press any key to open the login page on your browser
after I press any key and I get this to see

Auto-open timed out. Open the login page: Log in to Shopify Partners ( http://accounts.shopify.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=fbdb2649-e327-4907-8f67-908d24cfd7e3&scope=ope... )

WHeN i OPEN THE LINK IN MY BROWSER AND and it navigates to the login section for the partners account and when I chosse my partners email id and password, I was redirected to this error
"This site can’t be reached127.0.0.1 refused to connect." and this is my url. But according to shopify docs, its has to show login approved. and I should see the respective details in cli.

I have no clue why I could not get the app approve. This is very crucial since I need to create app extension for m exisitng app.
All the requisites are installed to the required versions.