Unable To Translate The "Related Products" Section

Unable To Translate The "Related Products" Section

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I'm having trouble translating the "related products" or "you may also like" section on my store at product page. I've tried several apps, but the issue persists with all of them. The theme developers recommended using the "Weglot" app, which they claim has been tested and works with their theme. However, even after trying this app, the problem remains. All products are translated, but when I visit a product page, I still see all the products in the original language in the "related products" section. The theme developers have stopped responding to emails.


Theme: Wokiee 2.3.1


Can someone help me identify the issue? Thank you.

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Thank you for your message, I'd be glad to help you


It could be related to the fact that the content is generated dynamically and may require to also dynamically translate it

Can you provide me with the URL of the page where the content is displayed?

I'll then be able to take a further look and try to make it translated 🙂


Keep me posted,

Have a nice day,