Unique sections across different products with Dawn & OS2.0

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I would like to add sections to my product pages that are unique to each product. I understand that the values for static sections will be the same on every page where the section is used, so that makes it sound like this should be possible with dynamic sections. 

What I want to achieve with this (and I'd be happy for suggestions on possible workarounds): 

I have a feature list across various products and I would like to display a section with checkboxes where the editor can simply select which features are available for each product. It would then display the textual representation and an additional image per feature on each respective product page. 

The below code currently only shows the same selection for all products.

1. Is this possible at all with OS2.0 and Dawn? 
2. If 1. is a yes, how do I make a section dynamic and where is my error of thinking in this regard? 

I'd appreciate any help and pointers, thanks!🙌




{% schema %}
    "name": "Product Features",
    "tag": "div",
    "templates": ["product"],
    "settings": [
        "type": "checkbox",
        "id": "feat1",
        "label": "Feature 1",
        "default": false
        "type": "checkbox",
        "id": "feat2",
        "label": "Feature 2",
        "default": false
    "presets": [
        "name": "Product Features"
{% endschema %}








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