Website Menu Glitching

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How can I fix this glitchiness? The apps aren’t causing this, video embed isn’t, the theme doesn’t do this on a fresh new site. I’m getting some glitchy/laggy thing happening to my website when I click the drop-down menu on mobile and I click it again. It shows apart of the homepage where I didn’t leave off when I clicked the sticky header menu, then jumps back to where it was like a half second after. Here’s the link to see for yourself the glitchiness: 

Here are images of what happens in order since I can’t upload a video

Start off just looking here at homepage


 Then I click the menu


 Then the glitched scroll down appears after clicking the menu again to return to the homepage view, to leave the navigation


 Then it goes back to where it was suppose to be where I left off half a second later


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