When scrolling up sticky header changes menu color

When scrolling up sticky header changes menu color

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I have some issues with my sense theme header, orginally the header and logo is white but when it scrolls down the logo and menu becomes white everything is working perfect at this point bu then you scroll up the logo and active menu remains black and rest becomes white which look awful. I need someone to assist me how to resolve this bug.

span.header__active-menu-item, .header__menu-item span, .header__menu-item svg.icon.icon-caret, .header__icon svg.icon.icon-hamburger,.header__icon svg.icon.icon-close, .header__icon, .header__icon--cart .icon, .header__icon, .header__icon--search .icon  {
    color: #fff;

.shopify-section-header-hidden span.header__active-menu-item, .shopify-section-header-hidden .header__menu-item span, .shopify-section-header-hidden .header__menu-item svg.icon.icon-caret, .header__icon svg, .header__icon, .shopify-section-header-hidden .header__icon--cart .icon, .header__icon, .shopify-section-header-hidden .header__icon--search .icon, .shopify-section-header-hidden .header__icon svg.icon.icon-hamburger,.shopify-section-header-hidden .header__icon svg.icon.icon-close {
    color: #2E2A39;
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