Will drop shipping work for my site?

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I have recently asked to community to suggest me that if i convert my site to my shopify store and many of them have suggest me to go for wordpress but I am confused here.


Some of the community members have suggested me to not buy all machines because these machines are much expensive. 


You would see a path to my store and check what are you going to suggest me. 


I have two model coming in my mind. 


1 - I buy all the machines like 40+ and add to my ware house and sell on shopify

2 - I do not buy tennis machines and just do a dropshipping? 

3 - I just make sure from where I can get the machines at lower price and sell a bit higher for my profit. 


Which method is valid and authentic to take as a business? 


I want an expert to answer it and let me me know what is the best way. 


We will discuss further. 


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Hi Jecobsmith,

Welcome to Shopify community.

Your query is actually great and refreshing. 

Since you said "if i convert my site to my shopify store", I believe you already have a current up and running webstore.

Now, regarding the model which you have suggested, it depends upon what kind of business model you are already using. If I am mistaken and you are starting fresh, dropshipping is great way to go ahead. It reduces your cost of managing inventory and you can order per request. But, you definitely need to find the right partner as missing shippings, price fluctuation is an issue that needs to be taken care of.


If you have enough budget to purchase and manage inventory, then it is also a good way to move forward. This reduces your chance of missing inventory, as you know exactly how much can you deliver.


I would suggest you to go for dropshipping as it is relatively cheaper and lots of things are taken care by the supplier themselves.


You can take a look at DSers for dropshipping which works great with Shopify.