1 item may have gone out of stock, but the shopify anyway let to customer to order

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I have a problem with the order, shopify allowed me to order and pay for a product that no longer exists.

Briefly about the situation, an order was made the day before for one product of which there was only one unit, I did not close it and did not fulfill it because it was the weekend, the next day another order came for the same product, although it was not in stock anymore.


Can I get, please, more information about why this happened and what to do to avoid it? Because now the customer is left without goods, also, it is no longer possible to produce that product either, and the money has fallen into the account..


The following information in shopify with this order is:

1 item may have gone out of stock
While payment was being processed for this order, 1 item may have gone out of stock - product hname. Before you fulfill this order, make sure you have this item in stock.

Maybe anybody of you faced this situation? I would be very grateful for your experiences and how you solved this situation.

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I believe you edit this setting in the Inventory section of the product / variant. You can choose whether to continue selling when out of stock or not.


Reference: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/inventory/getting-started-with-inventory/selling-when-ou...


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I have already closed that option but still get order of out of stock product.