1 product which can be split in half or quarters inventory tracking

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I'm looking for a inventory tracker which has "Auto Build" but I haven't been able to find one yet.


I have:
Product 1: a Full Size Sheet of Acrylic
Product 2: A Half Size sheet of Acrylic (so will only be using 0.50% of material)
Product 3: a Quarter Size sheet of Acrylic (so will only be using 0.25% of the full size material)


I need an App that will Auto Sum Tracking.


I have 100 Full Size sheets of acrylic in stock.
Someone buy a 1 x Half Sheet of Acrylic, so now i have 99.5 Sheets in Stock.

i can do this on myob easy using "Auto Build" and selecting the "Full Size sheets @ 0.50% for the list of what it takes to build" but I don't know how to do it on shopify


I know there are many budling apps, but usually they are not build for this kind of purpose.

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Hi @nicko2 


Yes, you would require a custom app which will store the actual quantity somewhere and on every successful order it will recalculate the main quantity and update related product quantities.


We can create this custom APP for you.

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