2checkout sales not showing up on Shopify Dashboard/Total Sales

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Hi all,


I'm using 2checkout as a payment gateway and am having trouble having a successful sale completed online show up on Shopify. Anyone know what's wrong? Here is a quick summary/rundown of what's been done:

We have 2checkout integrated to the site, and it's been used for awhile.. albeit with many shortcomings. For the longest time we had 2checkout's famous issue where after a purchase was completed on the site, via 2checkout's external payment platform, the only indication that a sale was made on the Shopify site was an abandoned cart notification. That was an issue, because obviously it's not an abandoned cart, and because it did not register a successful sale either.


Now that we have that fixed, a successful sale online via 2checkout no longer produces an abandoned cart. We imagined that the payment would now reflect as a sale on Shopify's dashboard.. but it doesn't do that either. So now we don't have any indication of a sale (or payment activity). What can be done to remedy this? I am at a loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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