2checkout tax reg number and company reg id

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Basically I was trying to setup Skrill, and everything worked fine until I tried to checkout. When I tapped the button "Pay" at the end of the checkout page, I got the error: {"code":"BAD_REQUEST","message":"Invalid parameter"}. So I tried setting up Shopify Payments. Then I got put on hold, and I have no idea what that means, nor could find anything on the internet, only that I would take up to 5 days, and I have to send out information via email, but I haven't received anything. Now I'm trying to figure out how to use 2Checkout, and while trying to activate my account on there, it asked me for my Company Registration ID (CRI), and my Tax Registration ID (TRI). Which I again, have no clue on what is and means. I am getting really upset, since I have tried the last couple of days trying to figure this out. Everywhere I go on the internet, I find nothing about CRI or TRI, and no one seems to have the same problems as I. I live in Denmark


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Your right same problem coming with me idk either but if you got to know how to please notify me immediately please.