3D Secure payment set up in New Zealand

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I am trying to find out how to enable 3D secure for transactions in NZ.  While I read that Shopify provides 3D secure, speaking with some card issuers and looking at transactions, Shopify payments isnt requesting 3D secure steps.  Even though we have ticked Request CCV, Shopify still allows transactions where this hasnt been verified.


Can anyone advise either:

- how to configure Shopify payments so that 3D secure is used.

- what other payment gateways in NZ provide 3D secure 


Is 3D Secure used on all transactions or only at discretion of the card issuer?



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Hi there @Kent_H!


I'd like to share some info with you here regarding Shopify Payment's 3D Secure functionality, and how and when this is triggered.


If you're using Shopify Payments to process orders for your customers this is automatically a 3D Secure checkout flow.


This process is optimised to minimise the disruption to processing payments, and only used 3D Secure when requested by the issuing bank.


There's more info on 3D Secure and payments here on our help site.


Similarly, when you require Shopify Payments to request the CVV info from a customer in order to check out; this will only be requested where the issuing bank supports these checks.


If the customer's card-issuing bank does not support CVV verification, it would not be run on those orders.


Essentially both 3D Secure and CVV verification (if selected) are 'always on', but will only actually be triggered when the financial institution that issued the customer's card supports and requires these checks.


If you'd like to check out which other payment gateway options are available in New Zealand you can do so here.


Would you still be setting up your store here and working towards launch, or have you been open and selling for a while already?


Can you tell me a bit about your business, what you're selling, and anything else you're working on for your store?

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks for the info

It is actually contradicts what one of the main NZ banks that issues cards has told me.

They have said that the main banks in NZ offer 3D secure and it is up to the merchant to request via the gateway that 3D secure is used.  

In the fraud examples we had, which were with NZ credit cards from main banks,  Shopify didnt seek verification of the CCV or address information.  Nor was 3D secure requested.

So does Shopify initiate 3D secure and other verification steps in every case?

I want the comfort of knowing that transactions have been verified, how do I get this initated



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Hey @Kent_H 

You can use the Stripe payment gateway, and force 3DS via Radar rules to be used on EVERY transaction. We had to do this due to getting hit with credit card fraud a few times, and this moves the liability from yourself and onto the bank.