3PL - anyone use EasyPost

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I'm currently researching 3PL's for my supplement line and EasyPost has come into the picture.  I'm having extreme difficulty finding any real information about the organization pertaining to their fulfillment services.  Anyone have any experience with them?  Any and all info is greatly appreciated.

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EasyPost is not a 3PL, they are a provider of API access so you can print labels and manifests easier than trying to integrate with each of those carriers' API yourself. We use them here for some of our carrier integrations but we're also not a 3PL.

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EasyPost is now a 3PL, you my friend, are mistaken...


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Sam from EasyPost here. We are a 3PL as well. We offer all inclusive rates that include things like receiving, storage, pick/pack, shipping label anywhere US /Int., warehouse insurance, etc. 

Would be great to connect with you. Send me an email at sam@easypost.com


Sam Glasman


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Hi has anyone used easypost before? How are your experience with it

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I would stay away from easypost/shipbob/shipwire. They are very expensive for shipping and charge random fees. I'm currently using Librex Fulfillment for all of my 3pl services. They have the best prices I have found. They also don't charge pick/pack fees so all they charge you for is shipping.

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Would love an update on how Librex is going for you, as I'm considering them - thanks.