3rd Party Payment Gateway for CBD products

3rd Party Payment Gateway for CBD products

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I've have found myself in a rabbit hole trying to find an exact answer to this question.....


'Which 3rd party payment gateway/processor can be fully integrated with Shopify for sales of CBD and hemp derived products' (UK based) 


Ideally we would like to have a payment gateway that fully integrates with Shopify which accepts hemp derived product payments and can offer subscriptions and BNPL option. 


We would like to use Square but they are not listed. I've seen Paytriot Payments recommended in this community but one search on Trustpilot is enough to make you run a mile, so please do not recommend this company to me. Viva only offer subscriptions with Wordpress and I cannot see pixxles on your list either. 


Because of the nature of the products we sell it is imperative we find the right payment gateway over the best website. I've seen that Wix uses Square but ideally we would like to use Shopify with a great payment gateway for CBD. 


Any information to help us achieve this would be fab!! Thank you 🙂


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Hi @SJ17 !


You will need a payment gateway that supports high-risk products which CBD is under though, I am not 100% sure that these payment gateways support CBD products but what I am sure is they allow payments for high-risk orders. I highly suggest that you try them all and see what works best for you: Opayo , SagePay, and Authorize.net.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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