3rd Party Payment Providers for Philippines Not Supporting My Store

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Hello Shopify Experts!  


The Philippines does not qualify for Shopify payments, and I've been attempting to get in contact with a 3rd party provider for weeks now.  I must be doing something wrong, or perhaps my store is at the wrong point of development?  The storefront is still under development and is pre-launch/locked.  As for the business, I'm just doing standard dropshipping and PoD, not adult-oriented, and nothing banned; however, I do have some planned NFT products/integrations.   Ayden (one of the very few available in my area) got back with me that I don't fit their profile (it's not you, it's us) which apparently means I won't move more than 1M USD of product my first year and maybe my NFT line has them spooked? I'm not expecting them to process anything blockchain related off-block.

I'm still trying to get in contact with Oceanpayments, Useepay, and Payoneer but I'm starting to wonder if I'm premature to set up my payment provider or maybe I need to understand how to better position my store to their sales teams?  Anyone else with a brand new business struggling to get a 3rd party payment provider to give them the time of day?  Any guidance, wisdom or insights into these providers are dearly welcome.

A note to Shopify -- A report from S&P Global Market Intelligence revealed that the Philippines is projected to grow rapidly over the next decade, with total GDP increasing from US$440 billion in 2023 to US$800 billion in 2030 and is expected to become one of the Asia-Pacific region’s one trillion-dollar economies by 2033.  Maybe setting us up on your payment platform now would better position you to serve and profit with this growth.

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