Ability to view order status when logged in as admin

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Hi all,

Some of you may be familiar that with the new status pages (checkout extensibility) you need to enter the email used when a purchase was made and then a code is sent to this email to allow all the info within the order status to be viewed.
This puts a blocker in place for our customer care team who will often view the order status page if there is for example, an shipping dispute and then take a screenshot of this to be sent onwards to the relevant parties.

We are still able to do this on our largest store as we are still on the liquid checkout (extensibility has caused us more headaches than benefits at this point)

I would like to request that based on the shopify announcement on this -https://changelog.shopify.com/posts/new-login-requirements-for-the-order-status-page and specifically where it states "Customers can access the Order Status Page without logging in for a limited timeframe and/or number of browser visits."
The fact that Shopify can tell it’s the customer visiting the page based on browser and so not having to log in (likely due to cookies), they’ll also have the ability to know that the page is being visited via Shopify admin – it wouldn’t compromise security as we have that information already.

So I would like to request that this be considered for a feature request.
For us we are losing something we already have access to. We have this new limited order status view on 2 stores with our other store clinging onto the last months of liquid because we also use the instant abandoned checkout to generate draft orders (another feature we are losing)

Any advice would be helpful, but we would also like to put this forward as a feature request. Thanks.

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Hi @BLUE32 !


These kind of feedback are great for Shopify to continue improving their platform. If not yet done, I highly suggest that you contact Shopify support team regarding this feedback so, they can forward this feature request and feedback to Shopify's developer team. You can reach out to them by going through their Shopify Help Center and enter your concern on AI chat box, respond to it until the "I still need help" or "chat with a support advisor" option appear.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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