Able to edit payment method retroactively?

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I would like to know if I can retroactively change the payment method on an order. i.e. Change a debit card purchase order to a credit card purchase.

We are using the Shopify POS system at our store's physical location.  Sometimes, one of our staff will punch in the wrong payment method at the cash, for example saying it was a credit card purchase when in fact it was a debit purchase, or VISA vs Mastercard.  This becomes a problem for our bookkeeper as there are material differences between payment types when reconciling at the end of each period.

Looking at the Orders screen, it does not seem possible for us to edit the payment method on an order.  Is this true? Can I not retroactively change the payment method?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the question.

That's not possible in Shopify right now but something we are looking to add in the future. The best solution for now is to just make a note in your order export. 

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I'm really surprised this hasn't been fixed yet. We have just started using the POS and staff will sometimes accidentally hit the wrong payment method button - it happens, it's human error, but it's ridiculous that it can't be fixed. This will be a massive problem for us in terms of accountancy. Can anyone from shopify  let me know if  this issue is ever going to be addressed?

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Dear Shopify,

Any new update to fix this issue about wrongly press the payment method?
Or able to edit from shopify admin page?

Thank you for the reply.

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This is really crucial for us to be able to do. We are only human and occasionally make mistakes! We also need to retrospectively amend payment amount as sometimes a mistake is made with the card payment. Not being able to correct is going to cause accounting issues.

Please look into adding this as a feature asap.

Thanks, Sarah

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Shopify - these are basic functions that need to be added when you deal with a POS system. It's been years - fixing the actual in store retail pain points is going to net you a better return and happier, larger client base than messing around with pretty features. Please review this (among many others) and add in the option to correct human error in our POS systems.

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Tell that to our accountant. It's not an accurate fix. The accounting side of this system is so poor I don't know how anyone is getting their books done at all. I know you've got large retailers using this system and I sincerely don't understand how they stay on it with the bugs in the system when it comes to just the accuracy of accounting. The 'work around' each time it comes to an accounting issue is to manually record it? Aren't we using this online system exactly to avoid manual records?