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Hello Team,

I am one of the frustrated customer of Shopdarsh.com which you provide support to them. On the same note of "Shopify support review about 26106278." which  raised by  Brahminputrajan.

Are you out of your mind to tell us to contact your bank for refund of payment. Is this a way resolve the such type of fraudulent supplier which you are supported.

if i order any other online shopping site they are not asking us to contact your bank for refund but first time i heard from you such. I have raised this concern with the payment platform team also. But want you to investigate such type of fraudulent site by own. If you google it about shopdarsh you will get to know that so many complaints filed against this site as well as there are lots of video against Shopdarsh fraudulent on YouTube.

At least you need not take your hand out of this concerns about Shopdarsh. Need your strict and positive comment and delivery of the product. We did not want to heard that below comments on our Query.



Thanks for your detailed reply. Again, I am sorry to hear that you've had this experience while ordering from a store you believe is using the Shopify platform. Shopify is the website and shopping cart service that some merchants use to run their online store, we do not manage the shipping or sales of any store.

If you have exhausted all attempts to contact the store directly and have had no response, the best next step is to reach out to your bank for further options regarding your payment and possible refund options. We cannot recover your money for you as we do not operate businesses on behalf of our merchants on the platform.

If this does happen to be a Shopify store, filing a claim with your bank will trigger a notification internally, which we can use to investigate the store as needed. We will take a look into the stores’ activity and take action where appropriate. For legal and privacy reasons we will not be able to share the results of this investigation with you. I can assure you we take these matters seriously and appreciate you reaching out. 



Awaiting soonest reply and strict action from you

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